Traditional Dance

Experience the joy and mind-body connection of movement!

What is “traditional dance”?  It includes International folk dances, playparties, contradances, square dances, English country dance, and scatter and circle mixers. Every culture and time period has its own traditional dances, songs and games.  Participation in these traditional games and dances can help build community, collaboration and cooperation, create interpersonal connections, help students focus and learn problem solving skills and practice good manners and consideration of others.

Musically, participants experience beat, rhythm, meter, form, sequencing and the simple joy of moving to a variety of musical styles and cultures.  Connections to other curriculum areas such as history, social studies and math are also common benefits to learning traditional dances.  Dance is also a life- long physical activity that has been shown to help with memory and provide physical health benefits.

dance1 dance2

2 thoughts on “Traditional Dance

  1. Sally Jenkins February 21, 2013 at 9:14 pm Reply

    What a great description! It makes me want to come to your events!

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