Schedule Jan to come to your classroom and give your children a memorable learning experience through the following workshops:


Jan has experience teaching workshops for teachers incorporating International folk dances as well as traditional dances of the U.S. such as Squares, Contras, Mixers and singing games.

She can also include creative movement activities as well as classroom management suggestions for movement and ideas on how to get started and tips that help children.


Whether it’s for a day or a week, Jan would love to come share the love of this delightful physical, musical and social activity at your school!  You can specify connections that you would like to see made to other parts of the world or to other curriculum.  A culminating family dance may also be added for an additional fee.

LIW experience-

Jan’s favorite childhood author was Laura Ingalls Wilder.  She credits a renewed interest in Laura for propelling her into finding out more about the types of dancing that might have been done among pioneer families.  Several trips to various “Little House” sites and events have provided Jan with many pictures of the places the Ingalls family traveled and lived as well as artifacts similar to those mentioned in the books.  In addition to singing and dancing, participants may learn about covered wagons, make butter, make hardtack, grind wheat in a coffee grinder and more!

This would be a great addition to a library program.

Summer Camps-

Jan has taught “M & M”  (Music and Movement) at several Summer Music camps in the DFW area.  Combining creative movement, storytelling and traditional dance, students will work on music skills as they move and have fun.

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